Experience of Holy Spirit?
(03-21-2018, 07:40 AM)sonickel77 Wrote: The actual church visit was uneventful; I didn't receive communion as I hadn't confessed my sins again. (But I got round to that today).

What on earth was that force/ inner knowing that compelled me to attend church again? I have no idea.

thanks for sharing this. i always am curious about converts to Catholicism, what made them convert, what first interested them, etc..

you say the mass was "uneventful"

But at all Masses (presumably) there is a Great Event taking place: Transubstantiation.

I hope you are not talking about how you need to have MORTAL sin confessed? I mean... if you are guilty of mortal sin,  that would explain you not experiencing much of anything at Mass..

or maybe you just havne't been Catholic long enough... (and/or)

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