My Easter Sunday: a Guitar Concert masquerading as a Catholic mass
(04-01-2018, 09:43 PM)Julia Augusta Wrote: I am in Japan right now and I went to an English language mass at a local Catholic Church that looks like a Modernist "masterpiece". I had been to the Christmas Eve (Japanese language) mass last year and although it was Novus Ordo and I couldn't understand anything, at least there was a terrific choir and a very good organist. This time, I decided (unwisely it now appears) to go to the English language mass. 

It turned out to be a guitar concert, masquerading as a Catholic mass. It featured several attractive Filipino women who sang very well, accompanied by one of them playing the guitar, perhaps they sang TOO well. They had beautiful voices. The priest, a 90 year old American, was a sideshow. Almost everything was sung by this "band" and one of them had control of the microphone - she led the prayers, ordered us to sit, stand, sit, stand. No kneeling because this church did not have the kneelers (is that what you call it? those padded places where you kneel). Everything they sang: the Gloria, the Sanctus, Our Father. And the songs were the horribly banal pieces that I remember from the 1970s in the Philippines where I grew up. It was exactly this sort of Guitar Mass that caused my entire family to stop going to church, including my devout grandmother who was so sickened by the changes imposed by Vatican II. 

Actually, within 2 seconds of the beginning of the mass, when the first guitar strum echoed throughout the church, I wanted to leave. I was stuck. The poor priest! He seemed so out of place. I looked around me to try to figure out what other people were thinking. Everyone there was a tourist because it's cherry blossom season here in Japan and there are millions of tourists visiting the country. If anyone was appalled, they hid it well. 

Of course, Communion in the hand, accompanied by more banal guitar music and songs . . .

Since my return to the Catholic Church almost exactly a year ago, I have attended only the TLM in other countries (with the exception of the Christmas Eve Japanese language Novus Ordo). That is why I am so shocked. I have not been to a mass like this since the 1970s. 

I simply can't go to another guitar mass. It is so irreverent and disrespectful. The mass has been turned into a guitar + vocal concert for the benefit of people who happen to enjoy singing in public. 

How did this all happen? is the smelly aftermath of Vat 11 - no reverence and no etiquette.  We have a priest here in Canada who calls it the Cowboy Mass!  God bless, angeltime :heart:

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