Marian Apparitions
You are right.
It looks like as if there was a super force entrenched in the Vatican that prevents the completion of the Consecration of Russia in the proper way as that was required by our Lady.
When the Pope JP II was asked many times why he didn't perform the Consecration of Russia  namely and in union with the world's bishops, he replied wearily: "I did everything that was in my power".
IMHO, that means that something was overpowering him.
The late Fr Malachi Martin asserted that an occult ceremony of enthronement of the Devil had been performed in the Vatican by a gang of renegade ocardinals, bishops and priests during the early pontificate of PaulVI
So the words of JP II hinted at something or someone who prevented him to command the world's bishops to unite with him during the ceremony of Consecration and to utter the word "Russia".
Did the Pope fear for his life or was there something even more important at stake than his own life if he had disregarded that "super force" ? Who knows ? Is not God Himself the ultimate Power that overpowers all the evil forces? 
When God and Mary are siding with us, nobody can defeat us. This is beyond my understanding.
We may wonder if this is not partaking in what is called the "Mystery of the Iniquity".
Anyways the Consecration is still to be done, and I would be very surprised if it was performed during Francis' papacy.

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