Etiquette in the Lord's House
Peace.....when we visit family or friends or they come to visit our home, there is a certain expectation of respect and etiquette that is usually taking place - from the time of the arrival to the time of departure.  If we notice our friend seems to lack manners in how they handle the visitors - such as let yourself in, feet all over the furniture, loud tv, cutting a person off in conversation, dirty and messy housekeeping and hygiene - of course we are going to say, (if we have any manners and etiquette ourself to begin with) that this person is very nice, however I don't think I want to visit them again nor do I want my children thinking this is ok! 

So, why shouldn't it be any different in the Lord's house?  or why shouldn't the Lord's house have higher expectations of etiquette?  Right now in many parishes, the bar is very low and getting lower and I think it has just been a matter of trying to keep people happy, coming and come as you are - well to a point yes, but it has gone too far the other way.  Many people don't genuflect or make the Sign of the Cross when they enter the pew to sit down - they simply walk in sit down and chat a little with whomever as if they were at the movies.  Then there are parishes that have little reminders about silence and speaking areas because even though Mass is over, there are still people left behind wanting to pray or reflect on the readings they just heard.  So, this is good and somebody has mentioned it and somebody else has done something about it whether people like it or not.  

Where I attend Traditional Mass, there is an inscription in Latin in huge letters, over the sanctuary that says, My House is a House of Prayer.  Just that says a lot!  

I attended a NO Mass once where the priest used a rubber artificial fish like a puppet and put it over his hand making jokes as if the fish was talking when we had readings about the loaves and fishes.  Most people were laughing, but the few were devastated.  

There are also in some places, issues of having regular confession - made available and not by appointment. 

This is all a combination of etiquette and irreverance - how could anyone really believe Jesus is present in the tabernacle and not acknowledge properly or respectfully?  It's as though He walked into the room, and people just continued to be rude and ignore Him.  

Depending where you are, and what you have experienced and what one's level of etiquette and reverence is,  plays a big part in whether you will tolerate it or leave.  

God bless, angeltime :heart:

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