Poll: Do most Christians end up in Hell?
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the saints say Yes so that's what I believe
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only Catholics are Christians
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most Catholics don't make it either
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Do most Christians end up in Hell?
(05-12-2018, 08:04 PM)Patmappas28 Wrote: My parish St Alphonusus in Baltimore recently had a bunch of letters for everyone to pick up to read. The paper was a sermon by a saint called The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved. It's an absolutely dreadful letter but it sheds light on the reality of the amount of people who are going to hell. One of the points is how Noah and his family were the only people saved from the flood and this is supposed to represent how many people will make it to Heaven. I'm still in agony after reading it 2 weeks ago.


Thankfully, this sermon was purely the fruit of this priest's pious imagination.  That doesn't mean he is wrong, but every example he used should be understood as his speculation, not some revelation from God.

This is what bothers me about things like this sermon.  They paint a pretty bleak picture for anyone who fails just once and isn't perfect in their grovelling.  He says that out of 30000 people, 5 were saved and the rest went to hell.  Sure, it's hard to argue that the majority of people will be saved given what is written in the Bible, but the knowledge of that, for the vast majority, does not inspire a holy fear as much as it does a final despair.  Who among us would have greater faith that they will be saved with those odds than they would fall into the deepest despair?  Final despair is the only unforgivable sin, so it seems to me, if the Church really wanted to encourage people toward salvation, they would ban this knowledge from being preached, even if it is 100% true.  The despair it causes to numerous souls is more dangerous to their salvation than it is for them to have unrealistically high hopes that their repentance will be efficacious, if it is imperfect but still true.

For years, I have had a hard time with Latin spirituality.  Perhaps its harping on scruples is beneficial for some; for me it has always caused despair.  I am very thankful that I have a fully Byzantine parish that I can attend that preaches repentance without killing the last spark of hope in a soul dimmed by the sorrows of this world.  But even with that available to me within the Catholic Church, every time I read spirituality like this, I really question if I can remain in communion with a church that professes spirituality such as this.  For me, this line of thinking from traditional Latin spirituality is scandalous.  I don't know if merely following a different spirituality is enough.  I really believe that this kind of thinking is poisonous to one's salvation.  If I truly believe that, every time I am confronted with this, I wonder how I can rightfully remain Catholic knowing a part of the Church teaches something I believe to be antithetical to salvation.  It's almost as if the the Roman church is preaching a different gospel on this topic.

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