Listen Up, Ya Mugs!
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OK, I am going to try opening this forum once again,
but you'd better read before posting. Or else:

This is not the place for Freepers, Little Green Footballers, "Fringe Watchers," members of the badly-named "Ratzinger Fan Club," Israel-worshipers, Americanists, or "You said 'conspiracy; you're a nutter!" types to spread their poison.
Nor is it the place for Nazis, the "there's a Jew under my bed" types, the tin foil hat crowd, "Christian Identity" people, or any kind of racist or violence-lover to spread theirs.
And this is the tricky part, folks, so listen up: nor will I withstand posts from people who might have a clue, but who also have no apparent ability to make their case or phrase things in such a way that they don't resemble any of the above.  See below:
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<FONT size=4><B>RULES</B></FONT>
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There will be no talk about "the Iluminati" and other such secret organizations in this thread. Why? Because they don't exist and don't cause problems? Not necessarily; people can talk about such things at other forums and come to their own conclusions. No, the reason is because they are buzzwords that automatically cause people to think "nutter" and immediately stop listening. If you don't know that much, if you don't have a clue about how, for ex., the phrase "the powers that be" reads much more effectively than "the masons!!!!!!!", then you don't have the subtlety and awareness to post in this forum.
There will be no talk of "the Jews" without qualification. But, you say, one can speak of "the Muslims" and "the Palestinians" and "the cheese-eating surrender monkeys." Yes, this is so, and the ridiculous unfairness of the situation is duly noted; I've written about it myself plenty of times. But deal with reality, folks. As above, if you can't "hear" how the phrase "the Jews" -- as opposed, say, to "the Jewish people as a group" or "Jewish leaders" -- is heard by the average person who's gotten a typical, "post-Shoah" education, then you lack the subtlety to post here. Given American leaders'  excruciatingly painful and obvious Israel-worship, anything said about Israeli-American politics will freak the typical American out. Same with any rightful criticism of Jewish leadership or the Jewish religion. But there is no need to be stupid about it. The point of communicating is, um, communicating -- getting a point across. You won't do that if the person turns off because you sound like a bigot to them (even if you're not). 
There is also the fact that the word "Jew" is used to refer not only to practitioners of a religion, but also to members of an ethnic group -- many of whom are not religious at all. When speaking of Jewish people, clarify exactly what you mean (practitioners of a religion or members of an ethnic group) and know that true racism of any sort is not allowed on this forum (moderators moderate with a sensible, "Steve Sailer" attitude toward the topic of "race").
Now, if you think that every bad little thing that happens is caused by conspirators, if you can't see that people simply acting out of their selfish interests can do a lot of harm without (necessarily) being "in" on some grand plan, you don't have the intellect to be posting here in this sub-forum. None of this is to deny that conspiracies exist; I believe many do -- quite big ones, in fact. One would have to be a fool to deny that conspiracies exist  given the definition of "conspiracy" (two or more people planning to commit a bad deed). But it is one thing to recognize seriously substantiated connections and pieces of a puzzle, and to speak of them with reason, restraint, and some sense of one's audience; it's another thing entirely to speculate out loud about very loosely connected things, or, for ex., to go on about masonry to people for whom the word "freemasons" means "those nice folks who do so much for the children." Further, it is just as silly to attribute first to "conspiracy" what is most likely simply sin. It is best to simply post news articles from legitimate sources and let people think for themselves without commentary.
Conversely, I will not allow defenders of Judaism to bash Catholics for Catholic theology, for our Gospels, or for our History. Cristicism of Judaism (as opposed to "the Jews"), the actions of Jewish leaders, AIPAC, the ADL, the government of Eretz Israel, etc., does not an "anti-semite" make, and we will not allow the loose throwing around of that word or words used in a similar manner ("Nazi," "fascist," "a David Duke," "racist," etc.). If a person does not believe that someone: is ontologically inferior, is not loved by God, is not called to Christ, is not to be treated with absolute respect, possesses certain negative or positive qualities, or should be harmed in any way simply because he has a Jewish parent, then that person is not an "anti-semite." Further, being aware of and concerned about these issues doesn't require one to be a Muslim, a supporter of Islam, unconcerned about Muslim immigration to Christian or formerly Christian nations, clueless about Muslim treatment of Christians, etc. The false dichotomies end here.
This forum will not become a debating society about what is in the Talmud. One can read the Talmud for oneself online. It says what it says, no need to hash it out here.

There will be no arguing about issues pertaining to "Holocaust revisionism" in itself. One can freely talk about how the Jewish experience during WWII is used politically, how there are great discrepancies in the treatment of their experience and the experiences of Christians in Communist regimes, how laws against revisionism are hypocritical and harm free speech, etc. -- but questions of fact pertaining to the Shoah itself are not welcome here. This is not the place to debate numbers or whether it's more proper to talk about "death camps" or "concentration camps."
There will be no bashing of the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, the United States Army, or the United States Navy. You want to kvetch about how these armed forces are abused by American politicians? Fine. And I'll be with you all the way. But keep things straight, don't mess with our soldiers, sailors, fly-boys, and marines themselves, and do write about such matters as if you have some modicum of an idea that these men/women and the people who love them post here. Show some respect. (On the flip side, members of the armed forces shouldn't take personally criticism of how our military is used by government types).
<b>This forum is mostly for the posting of relevant news articles and thoughtful essays from non-controversial sources.</b> No links to sites the moderators think would be considered "unsavory" in some way to the average, typically-educated person who is new to studying these issues will be allowed.
I will NOT allow this forum and, by association, my site -- which I've spent years building -- to be besmirched because of bad people who want to twist Catholicism to fit their ugly, hateful view of the world, or because of serious Catholics who are simply careless with language and don't know how to express themselves with any sense of how it "plays in Peoria." And I won't allow this place to become uncomfortable for those who happen to know a thing or two about History, who know that modern Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, who are as concerned (or more concerned as co-religionists) about the sufferings of Catholics in History as they are about the sufferings of the Jewish people, who speak plainly and without rancor or hate about double standards, etc.
This forum will be closely watched and heavily moderated. Posts that have even a whiff of breaking any of the above rules will be deleted, and the poster who continues making such posts will be gone. If a post gets deleted, do NOT ask "Where'd my post go?" That is against the rules of the entire forum, and especially of this one.
And I may change this forum back to read-only if people get stupid.
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