Debating Thomism--Jay Dyer vs Dr. Francis Feingold
Quote:Thank you!  You have confirmed my suspicions.

I could be wrong, but Jay Dyer makes many masonic signs and seems to have a desire to draw people away from the Catholic Church.

He does have good book reviews about the globalist agenda that was planned a century ago.

This often happens on Youtube.  People are gatekeepers or do a bait and switch.

It doesn't appear that he is interested in any meaningful debate. Even when I emailed him about the marriage issue he brushed me off without debate.

He is only interested in acquiring the reputation for debunking Catholic teaching and appearing to have the superior intellect.

I have the same suspicions about Jordan Peterson and other Youtubers.

60% truth and 40% disinfo or misdirection.

I don't think Jay is part of some conspiracy, but is simply a guy who genuinely believes the hard line orthodox polemic that he's constantly selling. As MM notes above, the whole exercise is just silly. Despite his aspirations of being a serious intellectual he's never actually conducted himself like one. After all, he's certainly smart enough to enter any number of reputable doctorate programs in philosophy and then pursue these issues in an academic setting. However, he seems far more interested in cultivating a following on youtube and other social media platforms then being a professional scholar.

For instance it's rather telling that he always insists that these "debates" happen over google hangout and are never moderated by anyone. It provides a wonderful platform for Jay to use his charisma and speaking skills, but I can't say it results in a meaningful discussion. All one has to do is observe the live chat box during these events to see that the whole affair is really just a pissing match and more about Jay being front and center with his goofy "dude bro" fans. The fact that Jay then tells these fans to go out and pester various scholars and public figures on social media to debate him tells you all you need to know about Jay's seriousness as a thinker. The guy is more about his "brand" then he is the truth.
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