Vatican publishes document declaring a “female diaconate” is a possibility
(07-14-2018, 10:24 PM)Markie Boy Wrote: Do the Eastern Churches have the issues we se with the Latin Church these days with homosexuality and modern, protestant like things?

Actually, I have read that they have held off much of the liturgical ruin.  Do they have the issue with homosexuality in the clergy?  And clergy twisting the teaching like we do?

In the US at least, I don't think homosexual clergy and priestly abuse are problems to the same extent as the Latin rite, but bad stuff does happen in Eastern Churches, Catholic and otherwise. The number of Eastern Christians in the US is so much smaller, though, it's hard to compare directly. Some of the Orthodox jurisdictions have been too quick to accept irregular clergy and episcopi vagantes and ended up getting bitten a few times by charlatans.

Liturgically, it's a mixed bag. I'm sure there are some whackadoos out there, but generally speaking, Eastern liturgical abuses tend to pale in comparison to the monstrosities that occur in Latin parishes, and the reforms in most Eastern rites are nowhere near as extreme as the Novus Ordo. Among non-Catholics, I know the Coptic Orthodox in the US have a problem with Protestant and Protestant-style hymns being used instead of proper chants, and correction from the Mother Church is not routinely heeded.
O unashamed intercessor of Christians, ever loyal advocate before the Creator, do not disregard the prayerful voice of sinners but in your goodness hasten to assist us who trustfully cry out to you: Intercede always, O Mother of God, in behalf of those who honor you!

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