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(02-13-2020, 04:44 PM)Paul Wrote: We can discern degrees of separation only by assuming common descent. We know it's true within a species, because we know about sexual reproduction.

You said that God created all the kinds, and that what we call species could be from them. So tigers and lions and jaguars and house cats can all come from the same original pair. Who defines the kinds? What if the kinds God created are not distinguished in the same way we distinguish them? Is a horse from a different kind than a donkey? A tiger a different kind from a wolf? A tasmanian tiger a different kind from a wolf? A whale a different kind from a hippo? What if the kinds God distinguishes are only plants from animals, animals from fungus, fungus from bacteria?

Quote:But if that notch is found in three different trees, are those trees related, or was the notch made three different times?

That marker may be shared between gorillas, chimps, and humans because their common ancestor had it and it's been passed down. Or all three species were created with similar DNA, including that particular marker. It's also possible that gorillas and chimps had a common ancestor, and humans didn't, but Adam's DNA and ape DNA both included that marker.

Is there a reason, other than inserting creationism, to think that that notch was made three different times?

If you find three different computers, from various parts of the world, and they all have some variation of Windows installed, would you think that their respective OSs were all developed from the same system, or that they were invented three different times separately? DNA functions very much like a computer program. I used the notch analogy for simplicity, but the marker would be better described as a particular command. You could make each of those three computers perform a function, and because the programs are all Windows, the command will probably be either the same, or very similar. Use that command on an Apple computer, and it won't work. You have to make a completely different command to perform the same function. Evolutionists think things like eyesight and sexual reproduction probably evolved multiple times, rather than just once, because the markers and the pathways aren't always the same. The genetic command for all apes to do one thing may be the same genetic makeup, or slightly varied, but that same composition will have a completely different effect, or perhaps no effect at all, in a salamander. And the salamander has the same trait caused by a completely different genetic code on a different chromosome.

We don't think apes have a common ancestor only because the notch is the same. That it is the same isn't the only evidence of common ancestry.

Quote:I'm not saying that at all. One interpretation of the evidence is indeed a common ancestor. But that doesn't prove it. It only proves it if the common ancestor hypothesis is correct, and modern science's first axiom is that the supernatural doesn't exist. Therefore, the only possible way for two different species to have similar DNA is a common ancestor, or the same DNA evolved twice, since God, according to science, doesn't exist. But there's no evidence ruling out creation, only the bias of science against it.

If the literal interpretation of the Bible didn't contradict evolution, would this even be a problem? Is there any other evidence to suggest that the various kinds were created separately? Or is it only necessary to hypothesize it because evolution and a literal Genesis are mutually exclusive? If a literal Genesis supported evolution, is there some kind of physical evidence suggesting separate creation that fundamentalists would be screaming are just lies from the Devil? If not, then your argument is still ad hoc. Even if common ancestry is just one possible explanation among many, the argument of several separate creations isn't being inserted because of any actual evidence that this is what happened, but because of the cognitive dissonance common ancestry causes to one's faith in a more-or-less literal Genesis.

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