Cardinal Burke Addresses the Clergy Scandal
(08-20-2018, 07:11 AM)MyLady Wrote: I have been fortunate to have met Cardinal Burke and spoken at length with him. You could not find a more devoted man to the church and its principles.

He is the only cardinal (as far as I know) who has consistently and regularly issued statements and attended conferences promoting the true path and has been the only cardinal to publicly argue against some of the Popes positions and statements.

I don’t how many cardinals there are in total now but their silence is deafening. 

Along with the silence from the bishops (apart from a few) I think that tells us all what we need to know about the state of the church!
Peace.....Cardinal Burke said once, something to the effect that he wanted to go to his grave with a clear conscience and one who upheld the true teachings of the Church.  Bravo!

The deafening silence is just more ignorance and arrogance toward the people of God who have supported them emotionally, spiritually and financially for years.  I don't think they will recover the trust.

Yes, it is too bad that C Burke is not our Pope!

God bless, angeltime :heart:

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