What happens when you don’t get absolution?
(08-18-2018, 05:55 PM)Ptochos Wrote: I’m not sure I have a firm resolution to abstain from the occasions of sin. So if I go to Confession and tell the priest that and he doesn’t absolve me, then what happens?

Ptochos, could it be that you are just scrupulous?  Idk why you wouldn't want to make a resolution not to sin, but let me offer some of my two cents.

Everyone does their best to not commit the sin again, but sometimes a sin can be so great, we feel despair and therefore feel that we don't have a sufficient will to refrain from the sin.  Sins of the flesh can be so powerful that we feel internally as though "What's the point of making a firm resolution, or even Confession, it's just going to happen again."  That is the wrong thinking.

Instead try to accept a healthy reality of the situation.  "Ok, I have this sin that I really struggle with, I feel helpless in trying to overcome it.  The temptations are too great and the desire is too strong.  But I'm going to go to the Sacraments in order to receive the Grace to overcome them.  I cannot do this on my own and so I will make an effort to go to Confession each time I mess up, even if it is every week, and I will pray on this, in the hopes that one day God will grant me sufficient Grace to finally overcome this sin."

If you find that a sin is just too desirable, or you don't see it as a sin.  Perhaps look towards the Catechism and read up on that sin and discover why it is detrimental to your soul.  If you find it desirable, again, go to the Sacraments and ask God to turn that lustful desire into holy anger towards that sin.
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