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Chicago Parishoners Burn Rainbow Flag : Their Priest Calls For Francis' Resignation

Chicago Parishoners Burn Rainbow Flag : Their Priest Calls For Francis' Resignation
#1  According to the homosexual newspaper Windy City Times, Father Kalchik had earlier been told not to go through a public burning of the flag.

                                                                The parish priest Father John Kalchik had recently said in a homily Sept 9
What all this means is that Pope Francis is not suitable to sit on Peter's throne, as St. Peter would not permit an abuser of any sort to work as a priest, let alone an archbishop or cardinal. So I know this as a truth, as you know that I have always preached the truth to you from this very pulpit in this Church for the past 11 years. Pope Francis is now left with only one course of action to take, as all other options to restore the integrity and holiness of the Body of Christ, the Church, are gone, having been rendered meaningless and insufficient.
Pope Francis needs to issue a papal bull, that is, an edict from the throne of Peter, stating:
Quote:As of today, no ordained minister of the Church who perpetrates and/or is complicit with any and all forms of sexual abuse will be permitted to function and/or fulfill any role as deacon, priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal or pope. All individuals who have acted with, and/or are complicit in cover-ups of this evil activity, the worship of lust, and who by their actions have demonstrated that their behavior is at odds with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ will have all their faculties to administer the Church's sacraments removed permanently. Lastly, all compensation and/or remuneration for the care of these bad ministers will end. They will have to provide for their own person after having their faculties removed, their food, lodging and healthcare. Lastly, as pope, my very last act from the Throne of Peter will be to step down as pope, as I, when cardinal-archbishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina, was complicit in covering up the sexual abuse of young men. Additionally, after I step down I advise the Universal Roman Catholic Church to refrain from elevating anyone as bishop, cardinal or pope for a period of one year, which is to be a year of purification, fasting and above all prayer. Then and only then, after all these bad men are removed, may a good priest be elevated to the throne of Peter.

                                                   What's really surprising here, is that I'd never heard a word about Resurrection church in the Avondale area even being a little traditional oriented.

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