Deeply disturbing…They mockingly say "it could be the second immaculate conception!"
Well, here we are; closing in on the evilest (arguably) times ever on earth and the celebration of a 'Holiday'. A holiday that has been quickly hijacked by increasingly dark influences, until we find ourselves as a society, falling ever deeper into this kind of beyond vulgar atrocity. Yep, and all under the cover of being a "Halloween Costume". Ones for our children next or are little ones able wear these? :puke:
It’s conveniently available at your computer or device through (of course) Amazon.
This letter I post, came to me by email, but I thought we all should be aware of this and that we will follow our souls as to how we respond:
Email from Robert Ritchie Wrote: 
…deeply disturbing…
They mockingly say "it could be the second immaculate conception!"
Please read on and then help me do something about this.

I deeply regret to inform you that right now there are, once again, pages on Amazon selling immoral, anti-Catholic Halloween costumes (READ WITH CAUTION: Horrible, immoral description coming up.):

·         ‘Keep Up the Faith’: portrays a priest in an evident state of sexual excitement. Mockingly and with an evil snicker they describe it as:

"Costume includes black cassock with white collar, and hand held pump to get the father excited." [emphasis added]
·         ‘Thank You, Father!’: a pregnant-nun costume gleefully described:

"Hey! You never know, it could be the second immaculate conception! This Pregnant Nun Costume will get others’ attention because it is not every day that you see a nun that is nine months pregnant walking down the street…Pair this costume with a priest, Jesus, or pope costume for a head-turning duo! [emphasis added]

These are terrible insults to Jesus and Mary, the Immaculate Conception – some of the most insidious that I have ever seen or heard!

So I am rushing this message out to you, because I believe you are a person who dearly loves Jesus and Mary, and who highly respects Holy Mother Church’s institution of the Priesthood and consecrated women religious.

And I’m once again asking you to help us defend their honor and the virtue of purity by taking this action:

Urge Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: "Take Down This Page!"
which sells "Keep up the Faith" and "Thank you, Father!" costumes.

Will you? Please listen to me:

Jesus and Mary, through their priests and nuns,
continue to be brutally attacked via Amazon’s website
through the guise of ‘funny’ (immoral) Halloween costumes!

Let me quickly give you the full story:

We protested this same brutal attack upon priests & nuns in 2016 by Walmart and Amazon.

And in response to our protest, within days, Walmart disabled the offending page.

Yes – Walmart took it down…and it still has not appeared in 2017’s or this year’s Halloween season.

But not Amazon.

And right now – today – AMAZON is still sponsoring the costumes, as sold by their vendor Fun World, which are directly targeted to offend Catholics and mock our religion.

So what must we do? You know! Yes!

Keep the pressure ON!     Send 75,000 Petitions NOW!

You love Jesus and Mary. And naturally you love His Divinely instituted priesthood and nuns.

So I challenge you to show your love and politely but firmly petition Mr. Bezos to enforce his company’s own policy for Vendors of Prohibited Listings of Offensive Products and STOP SELLING these costumes that promote "religious intolerance" of the Catholic Faith.
·         From Amazon’s website: "Products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views." [emphasis added]

Will you join me in this protest? And then get everyone on your email contact list to join you?

My friend, to express your indignant yet respectful protest, here’s the message we’ll send to Mr. Bezos, CEO of Amazon:

"Please enforce your Offensive Products policy and remove from your site the "Keep up the Faith" and "Thank you, Father!" pregnant-nun listings by your vendor Fun World.

These pages offend over a billion Christians worldwide. Amazon should not be a platform for bigotry. Mr. Bezos, please take down these pages!"

Click HERE
Urge Amazon’s Jeff Bezos:
"Take Down This Page!"
which sells "Keep up the Faith" and "Thank you, Father!" costumes.

If you will join us in this respectful but firm petition, we want to be able to send to Mr. Bezos a pile of at least 75,000 petitions.

Think of that! By the grace of Our Lady and with your participation, Mr. Bezos and his Board of Directors may receive a 4-inch-thick BLOCK of your names opposing these blasphemous Halloween costumes and defending the honor of Our Lord and Our Lady, and His mystical body – Holy Mother Church.

Amazon is going to feel tremendous pressure to follow their own Offensive Products policy – as they should.

So let’s get 75,000 petitions this year!

How about you? Please help.

Urge Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: "Take Down This Page!"
which sells "Keep up the Faith" and "Thank you, Father!" costumes.

Oh friend of Jesus and Mary, Amazon’s promotion of these horrible pages selling the "Keep up the Faith" and "Thank you, Father! (pregnant-nun)" costumes is a vile and vulgar offense against God Almighty, His Church, and the religious institutions He ordained.

If you agree,
PROTEST NOW, and then be sure to SHARE this protest.

With God’s help we will be able to get Amazon’s hateful and blasphemous pages taken down permanently – as we did with Walmart in 2016.

Thank you for speaking out. And may Our Lord Jesus Christ reward you!

And don’t forget to
SHARE this petition with your contact list.

God love you and Mary be with you always!

I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,

Robert Ritchie
Director, America Needs Fatima

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