Deeply disturbing…They mockingly say "it could be the second immaculate conception!"
Not to rain on the parade, but this is typical ANF and TFP stuff. 

Advertise a petition or effort against something which seems terrible (but has actually be happening for many years and certainly won't be stopped by a petition). I would note with regard to the costumes mentioned here, since Halloween is a week away, certainly even if the petition were acted upon immediately, it would not have any real effect. People are not going to order such a costume a day before Halloween.

Not that the product should not be removed, but a petition is hardly going to do so. Business will certainly react if they feel they could lose business by not acting. I serious doubt that the Amazon executives will think if they do nothing here that Catholics will, en masse, boycot Amazon.

More telling is the Privacy Policy on the ANF and TFP website. By signing this petition they collect your information for a mailing list and whatever other purposes they want to use it for. They offer no way of opting out, unlike other petition sites like ""

Also, I find the insult to the "Immaculate Conception" questionable? How is a pregnant nun an insult to the Immaculate Conception.

The costumes described are highly offensive, yes, but ... the e-mail is very hyperbolic.

Not that I want to discourage people from Catholic Action, but when the TFP is involved, there is reason to be wary that there is more to the whole story.
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