As a Catholic, how do you cope when you fail in your professional life?
(01-24-2019, 07:15 PM)MaryTN Wrote: Some children struggle with certain subjects.  Some children are just not good at school.  Some children are not intelligent.  So, for that child a C- might really be the best grade they can get.  I doubt that you are not good at your job or not intelligent enough to learn from your mistake.  Yes, some children get bad grades because they don't try hard enough but that is clearly not how things are with you.  So, learn from your mistake, don't keep beating yourself up, and carry on.

The Magister part comes in here ... as a secondary school teacher I can certainly say that there are good boys and girls who simply will not score As or Bs in their classes, and some who will certainly fail. To have an education system where everyone passes makes for a bad education system.

That's certainly fine. The question is only whether they did everything they could—whether they failed in their duty, not in their grades.

That said, it's a good comparison. With your work, or anything, really, one will often fail, but if he has not failed in his duty, there is no blame, and he needs to merely evaluate things and see if there are lessons to be learned. If he has, that is when he must repair in some way and learn the lessons.

Failure is an important key to success, and perhaps the best way of learning what is necessary to be truly successful.
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