10 Reasons Why you might be Gaining Weight in your Stomach
Over a period of a few years, I have managed to lose over 100 lbs, by sticking to a 'modified' Atkins Diet. I modify it in a way that resembles the South Beach Diet. I am presently down to my target weight that I weighed at 20 years of age. My maintenance diet is still low carb, but I do indulge in a cookie or two, now and then, or some 'country fries' with my breakfast. For me, staying away from white flour and refined sugar has been the most important no-goes.

Don't loose hope, it took a long time to put the weight on, usually, so don't expect it to all come off quickly AND stay off. Pounds that come off quickly are more often water than fat and water is heavier than fat, BTW. It is a mirage, it will make you think you've done wonders, but a little slacking off and its all back on. That's the way water weight-loss works.

Keep at the diet, stay on it for a good few months or more and you will find lasting results and actual loss of fat from your body.

Good luck. You can do it!

Here's a place for some free, good advise on Keto/paleo diets: Link

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