Did Fulton Sheen Prophesy About These Times?
I'm not sure any of that is prophetical as much as it is a keen insight of the logical conclusion of the path society had been taking for the last few hundred years, combined with the vision of just a few years of the post-WWII era.

Even so, Bishop Sheen was, himself, hoodwinked and converted to the post-modernism of the 1950s and 1960s.

In the 1950s he already said he hoped for a vernacular Mass.

At Vatican II he was a keen proponent of religious liberty and assisted Fr John Courtney Murray, SJ (who was censured under Pius XII for his erroneous views on the freedom of false religions) in writing Dignitats Humanæ. He said with joy that "John XXIII in four years undid 400 years!"

He was a pioneer of ecumenism as Bishop of Rochester, meeting with non-Catholics frequently for dialogue. In 1972, for instance Robert Schuller invited him to preach in a Protestant service at the Garden Grove Community Church (the Crystal Cathedral), and he welcomed the invitation.

His reaction to Archbishop Lefebvre and the traditional movement was to label it "demonic" and even before the SSPX's alleged suppression called Lefebvre and the Society schismatics, urging one lady to "withdraw from that schismatical sect as soon as possible, or suffer the consequence of possibly finding herself outside the Church.”

Now, that does not mean that the man did not save his soul, or that his works are worthless. He did much good, but he cannot be looked at as some great prophet. He was a showman, and was able to see some problems on the horizon early along. It seems, however, he did not see the more clear and immediate threat to the Catholic Faith right in front of him.
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