Traditional Catholics Unite the Clans (Dr. Marshall and Michael Matt)
Quote:on what basis and in what manner do you want said groups to unity, such that you can say there is sufficient unity?

At very least and if nothing else at the ground level, where it can truly matter and make a difference. Though ideally from top to bottom is better and matters most....But okay, on the grass roots level, "Joe FSSP" needs someone to help him because his breastfeeding wife is being called for jury duty. "Adam SSPX" is a lawyer and can easily write up a note for the judge explaining that Mrs. Joe will need a private room, sterilized, sink, refrigerator, breaks for pumping breastmilk every x-hours etc. etc, etc, in order to be able to attend jury duty (meaning, in other words, 'yeah this mama is breastfeeding and can't come do jury duty. If you insist in calling her away from her baby to jury duty then we'll pull out all the stops--legally speaking'.) 

 I mean yeah, you're smart MM everyone here knows that...I think you see how networking is so important and not just at the highest levels?

Jesus was asked, "Who is my neighbor?" I think he answered that its the one closest nearby.
Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.

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