How to counter people who quote passages punishing homosexuality
The old Levitical laws are null and void and have been for 2,000 years now. They might be able to screw Protestants up with that sort of nonsense, but we Catholics don't go by the Bible alone -- nor do we read the Bible while relying on our own interpretations; we read it with the mind of the Church. We don't have just one pillar of Truth (Scripture), but three: Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium. We know how to interpet Scripture because the Church has done that for us, and the Church says something different than your atheist at Reddit is saying.

If someone's a being mean, snarky, and raging atheist, send them to this page (it answers questions like the one you asked):  (mind you, that page is snarky as well, and contains a few F-bombs. It's written for that certain type of atheist -- you know the kind -- and not for mere agnostics of good will). Use that link freely, any time you like. I've found that it really shuts atheists up!
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