The Feminization of Western Christianity
(04-03-2019, 02:05 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote:
(04-01-2019, 10:33 PM)xskramx2 Wrote: What happened in the medieval Church? In his immensely influential sermons on the Song of Songs, Bernard of Clairvaux taught that the relationship of the Christian soul to God was that of a bride to a Heavenly Bridegroom. In this he continued an allegorical exegesis that goes back to Origen, but his preaching fell on fertile ground, and was taken up by popular piety, which had undergone a mysterious transformation into what we might call affective, or sentimental, piety, although these words are not exact. Emotions and sentiments had always played a part in Christian life, but now for some reason the emotions were those of women.

Bernard’s language expressing the union of the soul with God in erotic terms was highly congenial to women. Valerie M. Lagorio in her survey of mystical literature concludes: “In the works of the women visionaries, one notes the prevalence of Brautmystik, the love affair between Christ and the soul, leading to espousal and marriage.” Birgitta of Sweden usually referred to herself in the third person as “the bride.”

If the Song of Songs is not to be interpreted as a symbol of the union of the soul and God, why does it seem so obvious that this is a valid interpretation?
  I've heard that the song of songs can be interpreted as an symbolic representation of the relationship between the divine masculine and feminine itself, our heavenly father and mother. After all don't we also have to honor thy father and thy mother?

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