Papal Primacy vs. Papal Supremacy
(04-07-2019, 08:35 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: And in the list of Pontiffs and Kings are:

St Paul I, St Leo III, St Paschal I, St Leo IV, St Nicholas I (the Great), St Adrian III, St Leo IX, St Gregory VII, Bl. Victor III, Bl. Urban II, Bl. Eugene III, Bl. Gregory X, Bl. Innocent V, St Celestine V, Bl. Benedict XI, Bl. Urban V, St Pius V, Bl. Innocent XI, Bl. Pius IX (and there are a few Servants of God as well). That's a lot of Saints and Blesseds to have been straying for a millennium.

I'm playing Devil's Advocate.  You're saying there is nothing wrong with the Pope being a temporal ruler, and offer as proof a list of popes who were also temporal rulers, canonized by the same organization that demanded the pope have temporal authority.  

Are these saints recognized by Orthodoxy?  If not, then why would someone who is investigating Orthodoxy and is unsure that the Catholic Church is the true Church be any more convinced by this than an atheist would be having the Bible quoted to him?

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