Confusing New Michael Voris Video
(04-18-2019, 03:50 AM)GoodKingWenceslas Wrote: Rejecting baptism of blood at least seems difficult. Liturgy can't have theological error, and even in the pre-Vatican II Martyrology there are listed saints who where catechumens but had baptism of blood. Personally I doubt baptism of desire is a real thing in the sense that some pagan could somehow become Catholic in the Amazon by chance, but baptism of blood seems like it's part of the faith.

As for your first point, yes. Saint Emerentiana was one such saint who received the Baptism of Blood. As for Baptism of Desire, I believe it requires an act of perfect charity, united with the desire for Catholic Baptism. It's likely applied to a small number of cases, if I had to guess, like a particularly holy person in Nigeria who is killed by Boko Haram or something similar.

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