Geman Catholic Bibles
(07-28-2019, 01:51 PM)Freudentaumel Wrote: I agree that the Allioli version is the go-to version for German Trads.
If you want something really good and have a lot of money to spend, the Sarto-Verlag (German publishing house of the SSPX) is currently offering a reprint of the Latin-German parallel version of the Allioli Bible with extensive commentary.

Thanks! That edition does look very nice. Unfortunately I don't have the extra money to spend on that. The Latin-German columns are a nice benefit, but especially since I already own the Vulgate I don't particularly need to spend extra money for that perk.

Additionally, I'd really like it in a single volume. I'm having a really hard time finding any recent printings, however - it seems the Bishops Conference pushes the horrible EU pretty hard. Does anyone print it anymore? Do you know of anywhere I could find a single-volume copy of the Allioli? Used is fine, as long as it's in good condition.
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