Which Daily Missal is generally considered the best?
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(08-03-2019, 10:35 AM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: I use the Roman Catholic Daily Missal by Angelus Press (one of the two reviewed by Marshall).  It works well for me but I don't have a gaggle of kids that might distract me while I'm jumping from one place to another.

Your post has me curious; is one Missal better than another in terms of not having to jump around as much to find your place?  This is one of the things that keeps me from attending the EF more frequently, to be honest.  I can follow along ok myself, but when I attended with my young son it was hard for me to keep up and show him as well.  Thanks.

I've never used anything but the Roman Catholic Daily Missal.  I've seen a few others, including the Fr. Lasance Missal.  The Fr. Lasance Missal (titled "The New Roman Missal) is a fair bit thicker than most others, and that's because it doesn't cross-reference any prayers.  So, if you're following along during the Mass, you won't find "this prayer is found on page...".  Since I've never used it at a Mass, though, I can't guarantee there won't be a little bit of jumping back and forth.  What I've heard is that the New Roman Missal has minimized that kind of thing.  So, if you're looking for one that makes it a little easier to follow along when you have children alongside, I would say the New Roman Missal is worth a look.
For many of the reasons Taylor Marshall points out, the Fr. Lasance New Roman Missal is my go to for regular mass attendance.  While it is thicker than the Roman Catholic Daily Missal, it is not so thick that it is uncomfortable to use.  I also prefer the parallel columns for the Ordinary to side by side pages.  Minimal page flipping required.  During Holy Week I turn to the Roman Catholic Daily Missal, since the New Roman Missal doesn't have the revised Holy Week.

The New Roman Missal may be harder to find.  I think the FSSP publications website has had it reprinted a few times, but they tend to sale out quickly.

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