Husband says NO is endangering his faith
(08-04-2019, 11:00 PM)LionHippo Wrote: Well, fair enough, if those are what the "rules" are.

But honestly, in this case I say:  "man up."  Maybe go through the Stations of the Cross.  You don't like the NO Mass?  Oh, cry me a river.  Sorry.  Maybe just go, and gaze your eyes upon our Lord on the Cross.  Then realize how insignificant your complaining is compared to what Jesus endured.

I don't think you get that it's not just a preference issue for some, but they see that there is a danger to their Faith, and really worry that they are harming their Faith by attendance. For them it is a moral issue, not just a preference or an an "I don't like it".

You can say that's silly and make arguments against why that's not a correct view, and perhaps it is not, but if they truly accept that the only logical and moral conclusion is to omit attendance. One can never intentionally endanger their Faith without serious sin.

Telling people to "man up" is tell them to do what they think is possibly sinful. It's like saying to an alcoholic "Man up! One drink isn't going to kill you."

The proper reply would be to make a case for why this person is incorrect, not to criticize their manhood or resolve.
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