Marian Apparition in TX?
Such apparitions and messages from them should not be followed until after the Church has done her due diligence in determining them at least safe.

In general, the attitude a Catholic ought to have is to generally distrust such things, and only after some evidence of credibility to promote them.

While we ought to wait for the Church's judgement, already there are some questionable things on that site :

1. The typical pattern in previous credible apparitions is that the visionaries might share a few bits of a message with people, and what would happen, they would only reserve the whole content for writing or to discuss with their spiritual directors. Take Fatima, for instance. Much of what we know comes from after the fact and only because the children were asked later to compile the things so theologians could analyze them. The children did not publish them, and until things were "credible" texts were not widely circulated. The same is the pattern with other things like La Salette, Lourdes, etc.

That here the seer has published these things publicly without first being asked to do so by the Church suggests their falsity. It is not proof, but it should raise suspicions.

2. The visionary claims to have received over 50 visions/messages over the course of now two years from many different persons. This is not normal for most apparitions about which the Church has suggested are worthy of belief. Usually the pattern is a few visions or messages over the course of a few months, very short and to the point, after which they end. The extension of these for a long time is not usual for credible apparitions, but is a common pattern with false ones.

This pattern is a very odd and one which no previous credible apparition follows. It should be a red flag.

3. The messages do not seem to have a clear purpose. They appear to be very cryptic and often just pious or poetic statements. Compare this with the warnings of credible apparitions like La Salette or Fatima, and there is a very clear difference, not just of style, but of content and purpose.

4. The website notes that priests have seen these things, and then all of the information has been passed to the diocese. This might be true, but then the seer has take it to herself to publish these things without the approval of the diocese. This is confirmed by other sources in which the local bishop has advised caution and discouraged credence. It seems odd then that the visionary would then publish without the approval of the diocese, seeing as such things do fall under Canon's law's requirement of ecclesiastical approval to publish.

Again, not in itself proof of falsity, but given the proper channels were not followed it suggests a non-supernatural source.

Other things could be said, but I think it is proper under such conditions to avoid these alleged apparitions (and thus, the website) and let the local bishop make the investigation before promoting these things.
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