isn't dating non-christians a sin
So I'm becoming Catholic, I've been going to mass for like 7-8 months now, never been baptised or confirmed in anything before so I guess I'm not *actually* a Christian yet. I've noticed Catholics seem to be so chill about dating either non-catholics or just non-religious people. I went a slightly fundie baptist church before becoming here and dating non-christians was pretty much viewed as a sin. I've asked some at my parish at they said it's fine. On Catholic forums, reddit etc. people seem to be fine with it. I'm confused as. Doesn't the bible say to marry "in the Lord" and to not be "unequally yoked"? 
is this just a liberal Catholic view or are trads ok with it too? what's the logic?
maybe because marriage is to get your spouse to heaven? (I've never heard protestants that phrase for marriage) but you shouldn't try to change them though or "missionary date"...  :-/

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