Questions about TL Baptism
(08-21-2019, 05:02 PM)meandmyshadow Wrote: Hi all, so, my wife is pregnant!

And naturally we prefer the Ancient Form of Baptism, but the priest we are asking to administer the sacrament (while a lover of the Latin language and - more importantly - a good man) has never done it before, so we have some questions.

My wife is a convert, and so all of her relatives are Protestant. I think they would be really impressed by the exorcisms (knowing her family as I do) but they might be thrown by the Latin. Is it possible to have the Latin prayers of the Ancient Rite of Baptism, repeated in English, after they are said in Latin? Is this permissible?

Also, is it permissible to sing a hymn before and after the rite? We were thinking Adam Lay Ybounden just before the Rite, and the chant Vidi Aquam just after. 

One final question: the priest wears a white surplice and violet (then white) stole. Is a cope worn at any point? I see pictures online of Ancient Form baptisms with a cope. Looks like purple at beginning, and then one appropriate for the season on entering the baptistry? What's up with that?


Vidi Aquam is a chant proper to the Easter season, so it wouldn’t be proper outside. Also, there usually isn’t any music at baptisms done outside of Mass. I suppose if you want to sing a hymn, you could, but keep in mind the priest may not want to lengthen the ceremony any more than necessary. If I were a priest, I would rather spend extra time going out to eat after the baptism than adding music to a liturgical ceremony that is alread an addition to their schedule.

Maybe you could get the priest a copy of the traditional rite, and instructions, so he doesn’t have to find them himself. This could be a good way to introduce him further to traditional liturgy. It’s beautiful and and has such rich symbolism, but is still a lot simpler than Mass.

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