Jesuit Superior contradicts Holy Father on Satan
At my family parish growing up, there was an Australian Jesuit priest who would sometimes visit and preside over the liturgy. He was an academic with long white hair and a bushy white beard, and with his Aussie accent and down-to-earth, avuncular style, I was immediately drawn to him as a kid.

Well, he had a number of unorthodox views. He said the multiplication of loaves and fishes was actually just people sharing. He also said that Satan was merely a metaphorical personification of evil and didn't actually exist. All this was music to my rebellious young adult ears.

I eventually fell away from the Church in my teens. However, a number of years into my apostasy, I decided to contact this priest in Australia and see how he was doing. I told him that I had fallen away, and in his reply to me, he gave me some words of advice that planted the seeds for my eventual reversion. 

He told me to remember that God loves me and that he became one of us out of the sheerest esteem for the human race, and that the Eucharist is nourishment enough and mystery enough.

These words touched me even at the time of my apostasy. While I might fault this Jesuit priest for contributing to my apostasy with his unorthodox views, I must credit him for helping me to find my way back to the Church. He didn't have to tell me anything like what he told me, but he did. So, I don't blame him at all, and I'm very grateful for his influence on my life, even though I now disagree with his erroneous views and interpretations.
Omnia et in omnibus Christus

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