Anglican given Catholic Last Rites.
I had a family member die about a year ago.
This person was Anglican, and married a Catholic in the Catholic Church.
The marriage was probably in the early 1950’s approximate.
As the couple aged, it’s my understanding the Anglican party started resuming to attend Anglican services.
Once the Catholic party died, I know fairly certainly the Anglican party went regularly to Anglican services.
Once this person got into their early 90’s or late 80’s or so, the mental state clearly started deteriorating (memory issues, some personality changes), and it appears this person didn’t attend any Church.

On their death bed, this person was given Catholic Last Rites.
However, to my knowledge, there was no Confession.
Also, the Bishop came into the room when this person was essentially in a coma, and I believe gave him the Apostolic blessing. (However, I’m not certain, however it appeared to certainly be in Latin).

Objectively speaking: can we have any assurance that this person died likely in a state of grace?

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