My first attempt at Bibliomancy
(09-04-2019, 04:02 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: I would in no way recommend this practice, and in fact would suggest people avoid it.

It smacks of gnosticism and pagan-style divination.

Sure, one is not calling upon a demon, but one is at least very close to the sin of tempting God. Add to this that no major spiritual author recommends this practice, but rather just standard reading of spiritual works and Scripture with commentaries along with contemplation of these, plus a regular prayer life.

This kind of practice also very much appeals to the New Age spirit which is very prevalent of seeing signs and feelings combined with the personal interpretation of Scripture of the Protestants. 

Have scenarios played themselves out in the lives of Saints where some passage is seen or read and a message from God gleaned from this? Sure, for instance with St Augustine? I would suggest these are very different that what is described. In the tolle lege incident St Augustine was being told to open the book and find the passage that God wanted to use to inspire a certain thought or disposition. The impetus for this was from God, not St Augustine seeking signs. 

Very much troubled to see this practice discussed on FE. The normal means of sanctification are sufficient, let's not go all weird.

So, shoot me. I found out about it on this website. It seemed strange but also piqued my curiosity. I tried it, found a couple verses I had never read before, read and contemplated them and applied them to my current personal situation, and that's it. 

The primary difference between this and standard Bible reading was the fact that I found these verses through chance. I don't put any spiritual weight in this practice and I don't plan on using it again because I prefer to actually read the Bible at length. I just wanted to try it and discuss it.
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