My first attempt at Bibliomancy
(09-04-2019, 07:58 AM)whitewashed_tomb Wrote: Yesterday, I tried Bibliomancy for the first time to strengthen me as I was enduring strong temptations. I ended up falling into those temptations, but the passage I opened to stuck with me, Isaiah 49:6-8:

Quote:"It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up to the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved of Israel; I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth."

Thus says the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel and his Holy One, to one deeply despised, abhorred by the nations, the servant of rulers: "Kings shall see and arise; princes, and they shall prostrate themselves; because of the Lord, who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you."

What this passage demonstrates to me is Christ's universal salvation, despite His being despised by the powers of this world, that I can attain by humbling myself before him. Like the kings and princes mentioned, I have been prideful in my persistent sinfulness. I have not relied upon Christ fully; I have not truly humbled myself before Him. 

I think that conquering sin is all about my efforts when it's actually entirely about relying upon Christ. Or else I fall into despair because of my habitual sins, which only further alienates me from Christ and leads me to neglect the sources of these sins as well as all the other "minor" sins I commit because of my overly intense focus on my habitual sins.

I need to humble myself and truly follow the light to all nations.

Edit: I just tried again now and opened to Isaiah 16:6: "We have heard of the pride of Mo'ab, how proud he was; of his arrogance, his pride, and his insolence - his boasts are false."

I don't who this Mo'ab is but I'm guessing his pride relates to my own. Undoubtedly, I need to work on humbling myself.

I was scrolling chapters and then had to do a chore, when I got back this verse was what i first laid eyes on. 

Isaiah, 13 : 5  <i>They come from a distant country, from the far horizons, Yahweh and the instruments of his fury to lay the whole country waste.</i> 

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Sometimes these things speak to you, but I'd say it's nothing you can force. I sympathize with you.
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!

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