Real chance to get rid of OCP Missalettes??
Hi Markie boy,
I think I can help a bit here. Why should one use a missalette which has an agreement bound to it that necessitates destruction as soon as current year is done, thus ensuring an immediate need for more? The hymns/songs range from genuinely Catholic to numerous methodist/other protestant hymns? Why does a purportedly Catholic missalette need to have Amazing Grace, which is utterly antithetical to a Catholic view of grace? On top of that, there are all the so-called hymns from the sixties/seventies stuff I endured as a kid  (albeit some are revised to be even more inclusive), to the bland pablum of the eighties and nineties. Can you say, On Eagles' Wings? In all seriousness, the music alone is a good place to begin objections.

Also, the quality of the paper. I spent nearly fourteen years working for the Berry Company in Dayton, Ohio, where we made yellow pages directories. While they are outdated today, the paper we used was of similar quality to the OCP output, i.e., cheap, bleed through stuff. I'd like to think of it as a bit better, but hard to tell, after so many years.

There are good, solid alternatives for the N.O. One may be the Ignatius Press Pew Missal, found here: I found it by searching, but have no experience with it. Another would be C.C. Watershed's St. Isaac Jogues Missal, found here: I've not had one in hand to inspect, but have looked at the PDFs of samples. It looks good, from what I've seen. I have the first edition of their Latin Mass Missal. If that's anything to judge the other by, it's quality work.

Perhaps the best approach may be emphasizing a desire to be more thoroughly Catholic, the fact that OCP's work would almost rather not care if those using it are espousing Catholic belief/singing truly Catholic works. Not so much because you want to knock the protestant works necessarily (a particular Anglican hymn set to the tune of Picardy comes to mind), as that lex orandi, lex vivendi really matters. If a parish can use quality Catholic materials, even in a novus ordo setting, that may assist them in understanding the Faith more completely. Does that help? Apologies if I ran on.

If there's sufficient time before the meeting, scope out the missals that appeal to you, and if possible, get a copy or a preview of one, for yourself and those in the meeting to see. Makes an easier decision, versus the OCP, if it looks better in one's hand.
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