How do you afford Catholic school?
At our local parish school it would cost, ballpark, $14,000 per year for two kids to attend the parish school.  That price IS the 'supporting our parish financially' price.  The local high school is about $12,000/year, per child.
There are "scholarships" available, but the website says they usually amount to about $500 per year.
If you have kids in Catholic school, do these prices seem normal?
If they are normal, how do you afford this?
The kids are doing fine academically in public schools, behavior is fine, attendance is fine, they go to Sunday School and Mass, but it would be very, very good to get these kids out of the public school system - they are exposed to behaviors and values that are, well, undesirable.  The negative exposure for one child is getting worse.
Any info would be helpful.

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