How do you afford Catholic school?
Long story short: we can’t afford Catholic high school. The local Catholic high school is run by the diocese and made up of kids from several local parishes. Tuition, after a scholarship, would’ve been $10,000. I wish I had 10K sitting around, lol

Parishes here run elementary and middle schools. We were very fortunate that our pastor is big on restoration of Catholic culture, and has mentioned several times how when he was a kid, it was unheard of for a parishioner to pay for a Catholic school. As such, a lot of the parish’s money goes to the school, so most families don’t pay much. Our oldest boy went there for middle school, and is now in the public high school. The students’ behavior is night and day, but we’ve been fortunate that he and big sis weren’t impacted too much by behavior rubbing off on them.  The younger two boys went to the local public elementary school for help with reading. The school is really good. Currently we homeschool the 6th grade boy, as we weren’t impressed with the middle school, to be polite.

To counter the un-Catholic trash culture we see in the public middle and high school, we try to keep the kids involved with Catholic youth and home school groups in the area. There’s a group here comprised of families from several local parishes that does bbqs, Friday night parties, hiking and ski trips, etc. Yeah, they’re for homeschoolers, but they welcome any Catholic family. anything like that available near you?
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