How do you afford Catholic school?
Where I live, the Catholic schools simply aren’t anywhere near as good as the local public schools. Even the teachers that actually have degrees aren’t very good. Quite a few of the teachers don’t have a teaching degree, and some don’t even have a degree at all.

I look at the offerings of my local Catholic schools, and compare them to my local public schools. Even though the local schools’ offerings are so meager they’re laughable, they are wonderful by comparison to the Catholic schools.  And for what?  Most of the people who go to Catholic school don’t even go to Mass anymore. My secular friends knew the Catholic school students because they had the best parties. They got the best drugs and alcohol, and were most eager to have sex. The Catholic schools take time, energy, and money away from the parishes that’s should be used to benefit everyone, not just families, not just children- especially if they’re doing a lousy job at focusing on those.

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