Pray for my family, please!!!
To any fellow Catholics who may be reading this - I desperately need your prayers!

I am in truly dire straits, with a gigantic clock ticking away in my stressed-out brain.  I liken my situation to being handcuffed to a lamp-post with a ticking time bomb in my lap!

I am a 51 year old man in New York City and have spent innumerable years taking care of my severely dysfunctional family members (including my now-deceased, bankrupt, alcoholic father), as Our Lord would have me do ("So oft as ye did it to the least of these...").  The family members I am directly caring for are:

1. My 86 year old mother who is an invalid after decades of kidney disease, asthma, cardiovascular problems, chronic urinary-tract infections resulting from permanent "colonization" with psudomonas bacteria, and now, two strokes which have rendered her unable to walk.  She lives on a meagre fixed income.

2. My 49 year old mentally-retarded sister (Down Syndrome) who has developed psoriatic arthritis causing enormous skin flare-ups which she reacts to by scratching furiously, leaving piles of shredded epidermis all over the floor and furniture, aggravating the lungs of my other sister who has asthma.  The condition also renders her unable to move sometimes due to the joint pain.  Since she only has the mental capacity of a six year old, this is frustrating and frightening for her since she doesn't understand about the aging process or how it is effecting her body.  I've been trying for seven years to get her medical, financial, and legal affairs in order since, unfortunately, no other family member ever became her legal guardian.  This long, arduous process is constantly being stalled by one legal, procedural, or logistical problem after another (it really makes me feel like I've got some sort of "guardian demon" trying to thwart my every move!).

3. My other sister who is 48, suffering with numerous chronic health problems which are being exacerbated by a particularly agonizing menopause.  She suffers great emotional stress and depression after having been essentially drafted at age ten into being a housewife-laundress-cook-charwoman by my mother, and now finds herself at middle age with no friends, husband, children, or family of her own, and feels totally abandoned by God.

I am effectively prevented from working anymore because my care-taking duties are such that I feel like I'm running a small hospital where I, all by myself, am the doctor, nurse, orderly, pharmacologist, etc.

There is also the issue of my trying to effect a lease-succession on the apartment, so my sisters, in the interim of any family deaths, should they occur, do not become homeless.

I am also desperately trying to raise money to buy burial plots for my mother and retarded sister, since neither of them has a will or any other resources, as well as secure a priest who will celebrate a traditional Funeral Mass for my mother (1962 Missal) when the time ultimately comes (I reject all well-meaning suggestions from my non-Catholic friends that I have them cremated, etc.).

Every morning I go to the tabernacle and surrender my life to Our Lord, begging Him to help keep me going for "one more day" and help me make progress with all these tasks and issues.  While my faith in Him and His ultimate justice and providence is unshaken, I must say that the TEMPTATION to wail and lament, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" is a strong one, which is getting harder to resist.

Please... my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus... storm Heaven and ask that some relief may be sent my way soon.  "The Enemy" would like nothing more than for me to despair and give up.  I won't, but it's nice to know I have the other members of the household of faith on my side.

May God bless each and every one of you who have taken the time to stop and read this.

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

"O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!"

Richard M. Sawicki

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