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Dear friends,

This is a question concerning the morality of attending a Catholic family member's non-Catholic wedding, but it's not as easy as the usual 'no'. I'm unable to come to a conclusion on this matter, and appreciate any and all input, as my knowledge is limited, and I'm struggling to find pertinent resources. Here's the situation:

- My wife's relative is a confirmed Catholic, as is his fiance. They are cohabitating, and long have been; they are largely non-practicing (rarely attend Mass, even on Sundays and Holy Days).
- They intend on having a civil ceremony. The groom has been advised that the better part of the family will not be able to attend if they go this route. The groom's mother, still largely practicing, has been particularly pushy towards a Church wedding (rightly so), and they have conceded, in a way.
- They intend on having a civil ceremony, which they recognise to be their wedding, and a week later, intend on having a Church wedding as a formality and to please the family.

It seems to me that as their intentions are awry, it would not be morally permissible for Catholic family members to attend not only the civil ceremony, but also the show-wedding the following week, but I'm unable to come up with any statements which would confirm this.

Again, all help appreciated.

God bless.
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