Advice - Family Member's Marriage
(09-23-2019, 04:28 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: Whilst this is problematic because of the people involved and their attitudes, the civil ceremony followed by a sacramental Church wedding is not only the custom but civil law, accepted by the Church, in much of Europe and Latin America.

Thanks for the response, jovan.

Yes, I'm aware of this - the couple in question actually live in a country where Church weddings are not recognised by the state.

The issue here is that the couple in question actually do not recognise the Church wedding as being the wedding; they consider it an expression of cultural affiliation and a ceremony - they consider the signing of the register to be the wedding. They've struggled to find a priest who will agree to 'marry' them, but of course, it's not overly difficult to find a rogue priest willing to do whatever one wants for the sake of supposed 'pastoral needs'.

The question is largely moot now as the decision has been made by the person wondering that they will not attend (as they cannot do so in good conscience), but if anyone has any definitive resources stating that intention must be present before the altar for the marriage to be valid in the eyes of the Church, that would be appreciated.

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