Salvation through confusion?
Ignorance is not a means of salvation. While it may be true that those who are ignorant will be judged less severely than those who know the truth and willfully do not live up to it, we ought to remember that only inculpable ignorance can mitigate personal responsibility for sin. How many persons today are truly ignorant through no fault of there own? Is it not much more often the case that people do not want to know the truth? People love their sins, and very often endeavor to numb the perturbations of conscience, and to rationalize their behavior to themselves so that it may appear to them to be good or at least morally neutral. Will such persons be excused? Absolutely not, their guilt remains.

In this day and age anyone who is sincerely seeking God and the truth about God, can very easily find this truth. Even when the hierarchy is to a large decree proclaiming ambiguous and in some cases outright heterodox teachings, God has allowed this to happen in an age where vast amounts of knowledge are easily accessible to the vast majority of people. Those of good will can find the truth. How many follow heretical and ambiguous teachings because such teachings give them comfort in their sins? As scripture says, the people have itching ears, and bring to themselves pastors who will tickle their ears. The heterodoxy of these pastors in no way excuses the people of their sin, in fact very often these pastors are a just chastisement for the sins of the people.

Salvation is not easy, whether one is in the Church or outside. The only hope of salvation for one outside the church lays in making a perfect act of contrition before death, and their not being in the Church is only excusable if due to a genuine invincible ignorance. Salvation is much more accessible to those of us inside the Church, because we have the sacraments. Without the sacrament of penance for example, only a perfect act of contrition could save one's soul after a mortal sin. What implications does this have for the millions of protestants out there! Don't think for a minute the ignorant are more easily saved, the opposite is in fact the case.
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