Secular Franciscan trad: any advice?
New to FE. On parallel searches, as a Secular Franciscan inquirer officially accepted into initial formation last month and as a revert attending either High Mass sponsored at a Discalced Carmelite parish (said by a Norbertine, however) or Low at a Spanish-speaking chapel under supervision of a recent FSSP new parish much farther away. Any guidance welcomed as I seek to learn to navigate between two paths that bring me back closer to my spiritual community. I ask as a few of may you share such firsthand.

The challenge is being at least loosely at an OF parish where the lay Franciscans meet monthly (and often for noon Mass right beforehand) vs. the TLM I choose to attend elsewhere. This can create conflicting schedules given how few TLMs have been able to survive across my vast, congested Archdiocese, the nation's largest, tellingly, in population... I feel out of place at the OF and my affinity for TLM grows. How do some of you balance such commitments? Not that you must be in a Third Order, but there may be similarities with other apostolates. I'm assuming some out there like me have not or will not sever all connections to the "majority" when it comes to staying active in organizations or fulfilling worthy obligations to causes that work within OF Church purviews...

And, are there any congenial ways that traditions and Franciscans can support each other? I know of the Confraternity of Penitents following the 1221 rule of the Third Order of Francis, out of Ft Wayne, Indiana, (and for isolates online) who favor rather old-school approaches, and who were I think neighbors to conservative Franciscan friars newly formed, but I'm unsure if they had any FFI connection given the tumult the last few years. But I don't believe the CFP has any EF al!egiance. I'm asking about laity, not clergy...

P.S. Happy day after the feast of St Francis of Assisi
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