Pachamamas Recovered From the Tiber...
(10-25-2019, 03:41 PM)1Faith Wrote: This is so sad. The Pachamamas have been recovered from the Tiber river, and Pope Francis himself has ADMITTED to these being 'Pachamama' statues. He even suggests they will be displayed at the closing mass on THE FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING!

Kyrie Eleison!

"Pope Francis has called the carved wooden statues at the center of an idolatry scandal in the Vatican “Pachamama statues,” confirming suspicions that the statues were idols of the Incan fertility goddess."

My brother and his civil wife honeymooned in Mexico.  When they came back, they sent me a small bone idol as a gift.  It was really beautifully made, but I smashed that little mofo with an eight pound sledge and tossed the broken pieces into a river near my farm.  It seems that the vigilantes should have done the same with the pachamamas before interring them in the Tiber.
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