Books on the Crusades
And, by all means, avoid 'A History of the Crusades' by Steven Runciman. As Wikipedia says, 'His three-volume history has had a profound impact on common conceptions of the Crusades, primarily portraying the Crusaders negatively and the Muslims favourably. Runciman was a strong admirer of the Byzantine Empire, and consequently held a bias against the Crusaders for the Fourth Crusade evident in his work'.

Also, if you don't mind watching YouTube, there is an excellent channel by J. Stephen Roberts called 'Real Crusades History, Academic Discussion of the Crusades'. He has a degree in mediæval history. I can't swear he's a Catholic, but in the dozens of videos I've watched, I've never heard him be anything but respectful to the Church and the idea of Crusading. He also has a few videos of his visits to sites important to the Crusades and you can hear the delight in his voice when he visits a Church.
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