Daylight Savings Time
(11-05-2019, 06:20 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: You're right, tho' I'm pretty sure it long predates TV (or radio) markets. They're all agricultural counties that, at least decades ago, probably sold most of their crops in Denver. But that doesn't explain why Cheyenne County (in the NW corner of the State) and Stanton and Morton Counties (in the SW corner) aren't included in Mountain Time, because the same is true of them.

Train schedules, maybe?  My mom used to tell me a story about a huckster who went to some town out west when DST was first being implemented.  No one had heard about it, and he predicted that in one week, he would make the train come an hour earlier.  Sure enough, it did, and he made a lot of money from the townspeople who thought he was a miracle worker.  He took the next train out and they never saw him again, and learned about DST when the next newspaper came out.  

Maybe those counties on the corners didn't have railroads going through them, so it made more sense for them to stay on Topeka's time?  Just a guess.  But I know I-70 runs through there, so I imagine that was probably a railroad corridor at some point.
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