Ross Douthat on Conservative Catholicism
Imperator has a point.

The meat of Douthat's take is his belief that: If the pope were to sign off on a doc that has heresy in it, that would "imply" that the pope "leads a schism," which is not possible because the pope cannot be in schism with himself.

Saying a heretical thing ==/== leading a schismatic group. Especially if, whenever you are pressed on the statement, you fold into silence, unintelligibility, or capitulation (Dubia, the Valentina Alazraki Crastich interview, and Bp Schenider, respectively).

Even if Bergoglio is furtively trying to cause schisms (which he probably is), thus in some sense "leading [to a] schism," this would not be the same as him being in schism. This would be evidence that he is a wicked sinner, but it would not be evidence he isn't pope.

Douthat might accuse me of being the sort of guy who behaves like "the pope might technically still be pope but his authority doesn’t matter anymore."

I don't know how much his authority must matter to me. His juridical authority, I accept. Year of Mercy? The indulgences are real. With his only encyclical, I believe confidently in those non-meaningless sentences where he actually treats faith and morals. You say God wants me to try to pollute less? Sure thing there Jorge. 

I think Douthat believes that we have to be loyal to the man. Like, if the Vatican (by actions and non-binding statements) evinces a policy, we have to pursue that policy. We can  reject his policy agenda, but still be compliant when given a direct order.

Being in the military has taught me a lot about obedience in the Church militant.
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