Pope calls the idea of Mary as Co-Redemptrix "foolishness"
(12-17-2019, 07:21 PM)LionHippo Wrote: Perhaps I may be one of the odd ones out on here, but I think that as long as we understand Mary's role in salvation, we don't need to apply numerous titles to her to make it known.  It can get to the point that instead of viewing her as our Blessed Mother, she becomes a showpiece to apply theological names and titles.  In all honesty, granting this title to her would not make me view Mary any differently.  Will this application of a new title help anyone live the Gospel differently?

Yes, these titles show different aspects of Mary, and what speaks most to one person might not to another.

The bigger problem is that whatever one's opinion on this title is, there have been plenty of saints who have written about it, and a lot of Catholics who would like it to be proclaimed, and the Pope dismisses it all as foolishness. It's insulting, but not surprising from a man who's already criticised orthodox Catholics as rigid and breeding like rabbits, refuses to condemn atheism and idolatry, and refuses to clarify his unorthodox opinions which he attempts to pretend are doctrine.
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