Question on Jeremias and John the Baptist being sinless
(12-20-2019, 12:31 AM)VoxClamantis Wrote:
(12-19-2019, 11:55 PM)Augustinian Wrote: There may be a difference here between what magnitude of sin we are talking about. I know that Tradition teaches that St. John the Baptist was sanctified in St. Elizabeth's womb at the Visitation, so he certainly would have been born sinless. I mean, to be born without personal sin is not the same as being Immaculately conceived like the Virgin Mary. St. John still had the stain of Original Sin on his soul, hence the legend that he was the Precursor to Limbo/Hell before Christ's descent. And I believe that there are other examples outside of Jeremiah of those who may have been born "righteous" i.e. without personal sin (but still Original Sin, a stain on human nature); Noah, Enoch, and Elijah come to mind. But this is all me just speculating. I can't say I definitively know for sure.
No one's born with personal sin, which I understand to be actual sins, the culpability for which requires knowledge and will, which babies wouldn't have. My understanding is that the Baptist was born without original sin. He wasn't conceived without it (as Mary was), but was cleansed of it (as Baptism does for us in this dispensation) while in St. Elizabeth's womb, when he recognized Christ in Mary's womb.

This all does make sense, especially as regards St. John the Baptist. I've always thought there was a very special bond between the cousins. I figured he and Jesus were childhood friends, growing up together, since their age group would have been rather exclusive due to Herod's massacre and how close Jewish families are. They must have surly had a special bond. I'd also deduced that he and Jesus escaped to Egypt together with their parents and that is why John survived Herod too.

Interesting subject!
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