The Complete ICT Guide to Boarding Schools
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I posted a couple times recently about boarding schools, and since then I have done extensive research on the subject.  I wanted to post this here for anyone interested, and also for my own personal future reference.  My sources include various websites, school websites, forums, personal contacts, lower school contacts, alumni, essay writing service research papers and a wonderful little sociological study on the subject that I highly recommend for anyone whose interest may be piqued called "Preparing for Power: America's Elite Boarding Schools" from the mid-80s which deals with the unique inculturation/socialization of these schools as "total institutions" which turn students into "cold tempered steel" for elite governance of the U.S.

I have enjoyed the book and I would like to thank you for mentioning it here. It also emphasizes how the tides of immigration (so vividly) influenced the prep schools. And what I definitely recommend after reading Preparing for Power: America's Elite Boarding Schools is a review on it by David Karen from Bryn Mawr College.

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