"Catholic" Zionism
(12-23-2019, 09:40 PM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote:
(12-23-2019, 08:12 PM)CarmeliteKnight Wrote: What baffles me is that the Neo-cons/protestants/judaizers/zionists don't see the irony of holding up these so called jews as "God's chosen" and thus they deserve the land and are excused from all criticism, when these are the same people that openly hate the Nazis and white supremacy.

There is no difference from holding up these so called jews as "God's chosen" and holding up white people as the "master race". If white supremacy is a great evil than jewish supremacy is just as bad.

Because boomers.  Because this entire sick jew-run post world war ii consensus is so unbelievably diseased and evil that it infects everything and ruins it, including the Church.  I get so sick of the deliberate embrace of contradiction and ignorance of facts.
If you are going to insult people "because boomers", you should have your facts straight.  Boomers had little to do with the establishment, or most development, of Israel.  It was The Greatest Generation who saw, first hand, up close and personal, the effects of hatred of a people simply for religious reasons.  The Greatest Generation lived next door to Holcaust survivors, worked with them in the factory, wondered why older Jewish people had no children or always wore long sleeves.  That generation lost sons and fathers fighting the war.  Millions of that generation lost all of their family members left back in Europe.
  It was the boomers who grew up being told to be kind and quiet to the little old couple who live next door.

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