Mortification through the Novus Ordo Mass
(12-27-2019, 10:44 PM)Augustinian Wrote: This thought has been crossing my mind lately: does anyone else think there could be spiritual benefit of mortification by attending a Novus Ordo Mass?

Right now I exclusively attend TLM, and I know many of you do this as well, but in some ways it seems it leads to a sort of spiritual comfort, or complacency, within myself. I've been reading the Ascent of Mount Carmel and have noted St. John of the Cross' warnings against attachment not just to physical things, but spiritual too. Could this strict adherence to the TLM be identified as a sort of spiritual attachment? It made me wonder if perhaps I need to attend a Novus Ordo every so often to learn detachment. I have a couple of reverent NO parishes near me that I used to attend before finding my current SSPX parish. I was thinking about doing this just to stamp out any spiritual pride I may have of my current blessings.

To be honest, and I say this with charity, I think it approaches spiritual pride to decide that attending the Ordinary Form Mass, where Christ is truly present, as a type of "mortification."  As if Jesus is somehow more fully present in the TLM than He is at the OF Mass  Furthermore, if the OF Masses near you are reverent anyway, I'm not sure how much "mortification" that would really provide.
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